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Payroll Services Insurance

Payroll Services Insurance

Premiere Agency Network works side by side with Payroll Data Processing to offer online payroll services. Realizing that cash flow is always a concern to insureds, Premiere Agency Network seeks to provide workers comp pay-as-you-go remittance program to carriers to ease the need for large deposits and minimize the end of policy audit surprises.

Traditional workers compensation insurance premiums are paid on estimated payroll figures, a best guess approach. Factors such as seasonal fluctuations, industry down turns or other unforeseeable events are not considered. The premium remains constant throughout the policy period excluding endorsements. Premiums are reconciled after reviewing the actual payroll when the Final Premium Audit is performed. This audit most often results in additional premium owed to the carrier, the surprise.

Achieve the benefit of payroll services and payment of your worker’s comp premium as you pay your payroll along with these other benefits:

  • Cost effective automated payroll processing starting at $19.99/ payroll.
  • Tax filing for all federal, state and local needs.
  • Payroll remittance options including electronic direct deposit to the employees bank accounts.
  • HR and benefits administration