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EPLI Insurance

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EPLI Insurance

Employment related lawsuits continue to increase. It is not uncommon for an employee to file a lawsuit if he feels he has been discriminated against or harassed.  Whether the claim is true or whether an employer’s actions are intentional or not, a worker can file a lawsuit.  Your company may not have even done anything wrong but the legal defense costs can be as very expensive. EPLI is a cost efficient way to protect your company and to provide for your legal defense.

These claims can be made from allegations by employees or non-employees.

Also common today are claims made for harassment which may come from a supervisor/ manager, co-worker, client or customer.  While often these claims are sexual in nature, claims for bullying are becoming more common.  Employers who are aware and do not take action to remedy the situation, will generally see themselves facing a lawsuit.  

Termination is common in our changing economy and it is not unusual for a terminated employee to file a wrongful termination suit.  Retaliation doesn’t always result in termination but an employee may still file a lawsuit.

Even a business with strong HR policies and procedures, familiar with federally protected rights can find itself being sued by an employee or potential employee.  Protect your company with this critical coverage. The cost is small compared to the potential loss. Contact a professional consultant at Premiere Agency Network.