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Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

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Let’s face it, off-road vehicles are fun. Insurance for off-road vehicle is critical to make sure you keep them fun. Whether you are a recreational ATV rider, or use your side-by-side to manage miles of fence line, having it damaged, wrecked, or stolen can cause loss of time and money. We can provide different types of off-road vehicle insurance to cover different types of vehicle needs including the vehicle itself and your liability for the vehicle.

All Terrain Vehicles, Quad, Four Wheelers: whatever name you call it, the fun is still just as good. If you’re using it as a weekend cruiser, running around the farm, or taking it hunting – your ATV is a big investment. If it’s sitting in the garage, does your homeowner insurance cover it? What if you’re not on your property and have an accident, are you or your ATV covered? Even worse, if someone steals it from your backyard, or it’s hit while waiting to load onto the trailer at your favorite trail – how are you going to replace it?

Many of the vehicles that never see pavement, or aren’t registered, are of high value. You wouldn’t buy a car and not insure it, so why would you buy an ATV or other off-road vehicle and leave it uninsured? Some owners simply don’t think they need coverage because they’re not on the road but can you afford to pay liability, uninsured accidents and theft out of your pocket.

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